Did you know you could by 58019-60 Topper Top window.............. $6.70 . Lets go back in 1965 and buy a batch of these
Harley Topper Windshield




This is a Harley Topper ad for the windshield
from 1960. Part number: 57991-60

Click on any of the windshield parts below to see images
Harley Topper Windshield 57991-60 Harley Topper Windshield Top part number 58019-60 Harley Topper Windshield Bottom part number 58018-60 58018-60 58019-60 Harley Topper outer windshield brace 58039-60 58039-60 Harley Topper windshield inner brace 58038-60 58082-60 Right windshield bracket 58081-60 Left windshield bracket 58063-60 Harley Topper windshield bracket clamp 7736 Acorn nuts

Making your own windshield?
Instead of using plexi-glass which is extremly dangerous when
broken, consider using the following materials.

A product called Tuffak, used in the construction of plane landing light covers,
also it does not crack when cut with jigsaw, use tin snips to cut the material.
Resists scratching, much safer then plexi, bends when hit instead of
shattering or cracking, plexi is like glass when broken.
A couple other products: Hyzoid (sp) or Lexan.
Makes great sidecar and Topper windshields.
If you want to have the bead around the windshield, use a clear
vinyl tubing and split it with a knife on one side, then slide it over the edge of
your windshield.
Also you can contact a plastic dealer for an extruded tube for windshield edge.
Remember if you want that 100 point Topper find an original windshield.




Did you also know you could buy the bottom portion of the Topper windshield at this amazing price. 58018-60 Bottom Window ......$3.19 back in 1965. WOW I'll take 100 please