Most of the tools found in the Harley Topper Tool kit can be found at local antique stores and yardsales and flea markets. WHY? the companies that made them sold the same tools to hardware stores all over the country.
Harley Topper Tools



Harley Topper Tool Kit Underneath the Seat.
Shows tool kit location and oil
can location.

Harley Topper Tool kit and oil can location under seat.

94406-59 Harley Topper Tool Kit

This tool kit has some differences in the kit.
This tool kit was listed in the 1962 accessories catalog.

Topper Tools
Do your own minor repairs.
Special springs fasten Tool Box to storage
compartment 94406-59 Tool Kit Complete $8.50

Consisting of:
94500-47 3/4" Open End Wrench .80
94501-59 7/16" Double End Wrench .65
94501-44 7/16" X 1/2" Wrench .80
40099-47 Chain Repair Link .95
95001-12 Pliers 1.30
95002-45 Screw Driver .40
95002-55 Screw Driver - Philips .50
95020-38 Chain Tool 2.90
94416-37 Tool Roll .50
94420-59 Spring (2) .25


Spare parts catalog tool kit description.




Did you know the pliers used in the Harley Topper Tool kit was made by JP Danielson company, Jamestown, NY. U.S.A.