Did you know you can buy water slide relief paper today and make your own stickers with a regular printer? YES YOU CAN. and once you have printed the relief paper give it a coat of clear lacquer and your good to go.
Harley Topper Stickers





Clean Air filter sticker under seat.

harley topper clean air filter sticker



Harley Topper 2 cycle oil decal under seat.

Harley Topper Oil sticker
Harley Topper Air and Oil stickers




Certified Not Over 5-Brake Horse Power for young riders.
Found just above the chrome control panel on the fiberglass body.

( 5 hp 1960 to 1965 )
U signifies under powered.
Restricted engine
built to use in states with
junior licensing laws.

Harley Topper Junior Licensing Law Sticker



The American Motor Scooter Association Sticker location on the Topper Scooter
most often is found in the center above the chrome control panel on
the fiberglass body on most Toppers.
The sticker has also been found located on other areas of the body as well.

The American Motor Scooter Association had its head quarters in Chicago, Illinois up until
November 1, 1962 at which time they consolidated Their activities to the office in Provo, Utah and
then planed on moving all activities to Denver Colorado.
AMSA planed on dealing with both trail scooters and street scooters at the Colorado office in the early sixties.
The AMSA goal today is to work within the industry to develop and regulate
a code of conduct for scooter dealers in the United States.
And also establishing guidelines with their suppliers regarding quality of scooter product.
Membership Oraganization....Non-Profit trade association.

American Motor Scooter sticker for the harley topper
American Motor Scooter Association sticker placement on the Harley Topper



Caution sticker fits on handlebar cover on early models.
Later models placed the sticker below the lockout lever as shown in the picture below.
( THE CONSENSUS for moving the caution sticker is thought to be
that it was a poor location on the handlebar cover for the rider to see.
And did not allow the rider to have a clear visual reminder when
controlling the lockout lever mechanism.
So placing the sticker on the fiberglass motor cover just below the lockout lever,
reminded the scooter operator each time they reached down to engage or disengage
the lockout lever into position.)

Click on the CAUTION! image and you will be directed to the
handlebar section to view sticker placement on handlebar cover.
Harley Topper Caution sticker
Harley Topper Caution sticker placement




The H decal fits: 1961,1962, 1963, 1964 H models. number: 62535-61

Click H decal to enlarge.

Harley Topper H decal 62535-61

This decal is located on the front main shield.

In the picture below you can see the H decal location.

Harley Topper H sticker 62535-61  placement



Number: 62535-65 Name Transfer H fits: 1965 AH
in center of main shield above Horn.
View image below.

Click "H" sticker to enlarge.

Harley Topper 1965 AH sticker

Harley Topper AH Carburetor filter sticker
goes under the seat and has a white background.

Harley Topper AH carburetor filter stick goes under the seat






Most reproduction stickers today are made with vinyl. Just make sure the material and ink is UV protected are you will lose the color in a short time.