Did you know more Topper sidecar and utilitycar combinations are sold today than bult? WHY? The sidecar and utilitycar fetches a substantial load of money and uneducated buyers can't spot the difference between a real Topper metal tub. A company made metal sidecars back in the fifties and sixties which look the same. So Sellers put the bogus combination together forsale and the loser is the Buyer. Learn to identify a real Topper Tub and utility box.





How to align the SideCar & UtilityCar. (Tow-in and Tread measurements.) Click Here.

Topper Side Car Model Numbers: 61-LA no. 86803-61 & 62-LA no. 86803.62 ( body painted white as do the fenders. Frame painted Black. )
LA sidecar sold complete with chassis for $128.00 retail and dealers cost:$96.75 in 1962.
Topper Utility Box Model Numbers: 61-LM no. 86804-61 & 62-LM no. 86804-62 (Utility Box painted white and fenders. Frame Painted Black. )
LM Utility box sold complete with chassis for $119.00 retail and dealers cost: $90.00 in 1962.
Windshield for the Harley Topper sidecar no.88851-62 sold for: $16.00 retail and dealers cost: $12.00 in 1962.

Harley Topper sidecar and utilitycar frame parts diagrahm

Making your own windshield?
Instead of using plexi-glass which is extremely dangerous when
broken, consider using the following materials.

A product called Tuffak, used in the construction of plane landing light covers,
also it does not crack when cut with jigsaw, use tin snips to cut the material.
Resists scratching, much safer then plexi, bends when hit instead of
shattering or cracking, plexi is like glass when broken.
A couple other products: Hyzoid (sp) or Lexan.
Makes great sidecar and Topper windshields.
If you want to have the bead around the windshield, use a clear
vinyl tubing and split it with a knife on one side, then slide it over the edge of
your windshield.
Also you can contact a plastic dealer for an extruded tube for windshield edge.


1962 Harley Topper sidecar and utilitycar article brochure


Harley Topper sidecar and utilitycar brochure ad


Topper motor scooter with utility box for deliveries service calls transportation

Build your profits by using an economical Harley-
Davidson Topper motor scooter with utility box to
cut your operating costs. This eager Topper has more
than five cubic feet of unobstructed cargo space capa-
ble of handling up to 200 pounds of payload. Its low
initial cost and gasoline mileage of up to 100 miles
per gallon will save you money on delivery, service
and messenger job.
The Topper's uses are practically unlimited. It will
deliver everything from apples to zippers for the retailers
and suppliers. It will provide efficient transportation
for all kinds of service calls. It has widespread appli-
cation in all types of industries for both inter-plant
and intra-plant parts handling, delivery and courier
work. It makes a handy runabout for foremen and job
superintendents. No matter what job you put it on,
You'll find the Topper a hard-working cost-cutter.
Besides giving you more miles per dollar, this thrifty
three-wheeler will be a rolling advertisement for your
business. Not only is the Topper an attention-getter
in itself, with its modern styling and attractive two-
tone finish, but there are more than 1100 square inches
of display space for your name and advertising message
on the front, rear and side panels of the utility box.
No special skill is needed to ride a Topper - anyone
can learn to handle it in minutes. The only riding controls
are the throttle and brakes - Scootaway automatic
transmission does away with the clutch and shift lever.
Because of the Topper's compact size and
maneuverability, your man can whisk through traffic
easily and park practically anywhere.

1962 Harley topper sidecar and utilitycar data


1962 harley topper sidecar and utilitycar data ad


Below is a 1961 ad promoting the new upcoming Topper in 1962

1961 Harley Topper sidecar ad for the upcoming 1962 model year.


larger image of one of the block pictures in the article above.

Harley Topper sidecar photo


Harley Topper Side Car

Harley Topper Utilitycar



Did you know sidecars are made from a two peice metal shell? in the motorcycle world a sidecar is called a Tub.