Did you know the Tomahawk boat company manufactured many of the Topper parts made with fiberglass.
Topper Fiberglass Carry-All



The Carry-all was announced the month of May 1960.
As a practical accessory. Uses: Groceries or small parcels.
As its name implies "Carry-All" is meant to carry everything
The lid is easy to slid off when unlocked.

Harley Topper Carry all fiberglass box goes under the handle bars



The Harley Topper "Carry-All" box is made of fiberglass and the lid is fiberglass.
Has 2 latches, one on each side of the box and the latch lever snaps on to the lid.
The lid can be lifted off of the "Carry-All" Box (separate piece).
The "Carry-all" mounts with self tapping screws to the front fork back panel.
The "Carry-all" has a locking mechanism on each latch using a key. Key Number: 90947-52
The "Carry-all" with all the fittings Number: 90853-60
Reinforcing strip s for the "Carry-All" Number: 90861-60
" Carry-All" cover kit Number: 90870-60
The Carry-All was available on all model years 1960 - 1965.

The interior has a splatter finish as in photo below:

harley topper carry-all interior finish


"Carry-All" Mounting area can be seen in the picture below.
Mounts with four screws to the front fork back panel.
The exterior of the "Carry-All" has a high gloss white enamel finish.

Harley Topper Carry-all exterior finish

Harley Topper Carry-all lid and locks

View Carry-All images inside, backside and key below .
Click to enlarge images.
View the inside with lide Harley Topper Carry All box. .......... View the Backside of the Harley Topper Carry All........... harley topper carry-all key 90947-52



1960 Topper "Carry-All"

1960 Harley Topper Carry-all


1961 Topper "Carry-All"

1961 Harley Topper Carry-all ad


1962 Harley Topper "Carry-All" ad.
Notice the the grocer handing the women groceries and she has the
Carry-all lid open and placing the groceries inside.

1962 Harley Topper Carry-all Ad



1962 Harley Topper Carry-All accessory ad.
1962 Harley Topper Carry-all accessory ad




1963 Topper "Carry-All" bottom right picture.

1963 Harley Topper carrly-all ad


1964 Topper "Carry-All"

1964 Harley Topper Carry-all ad

1964 Harley Topper ad


1965 Topper "Carry-All"
Photo Here.

1965 Harley Topper carry-all picture





Did you know the Carry-All came out in  May of 1960.