Did you know in 1961 Harley-Davidson installed an Gisholt  balancing machine to balance Topper flywheels. Dynetric balancing one of the most accurate methods of balancing motorcycle and scooter flywheels.

Accessories and Clothing





1960 Harley Accessories Catalog
the long-Length Scoot Coat.
and the Fur Topper hat, the has is just a coincidence

1960 Harley Topper accessory ad

1960 Harley Accessory ad for clothes and boots and helmets



1963 accessories catalog
Notice the Topper image (top left corner ) with the guy wearing
Hat A-$3.95
The Fur Topper Hat has been around forever, D. even in the forties and fifties
Nick Name: "Fur Topper Hat" Just a coincidence

1963 Harley accessory Ad




Harley Scoot Coat ( His and Hers ) 98114-59 Charcoal Grey
and 98113-59 Bright White

Notice the same pose with the couple below, is sc etched, in the above accessories
picture, top left....the guys jacket is shorter in the picture above.
This is a magazine ad.

1959 Harley Topper Ad




This hat is a 1950 mans fur Topper Hat, "Yes 1950" with original box,
this type of hat has been around for quit sometime.
And have always had the nick name "Fur Topper".
Just a coincidence.

Harley Topper Fur hat


Harley Topper Trim no. 58940-60
Below is a 1960 accessories ad.
Harley Topper Trim 58940-60

Plastic Chrome Trim Kit 58940-60
Sold retail for:$1.25 in 1960.
Sold retail for: $1.50 dealers cost:$.75
in 1962.
This is how the ad reads in 1960:
Shines and sparkles like sterling silver!
Gives your scooter a customized look!
Topper-Trim is made of a brilliant silver-trim
plastic. It's flexible and fits onto the splash shield
in a jiffy. Special inner-retainer clip keeps it
on for good.
58940-60 Topper Trim ........$1.25


Tool Kit 94406-59
Retailed for: $8.20 in 1960.
Retailed for: $8.50 dealers cost in 1962 was: $4.25.
Harley Topper Tool Kit  94406-59
The ad read for the Tool kit in 1960 as follows:
Be your own mechanic with a Topper Tool Kit.
Special springs fasten it to the storage compartment.

Tool kit consists of the following:
94500-47 3/4" open end wrench.
94501-59 7/16" Double End Wrench.
94572-47 Spark Plug Wrench Handle.
94575-58A Spark Plug Wrench Socket.
95001-12 Pliers.
95002-45 Screw Driver.
95002-55 Screw Driver Phillips.
95020-38 Chain Tool.
94416-37 Tool Roll.
94420-59 Springs (2) to hold down tool roll.




Harley Topper brake pad 42414-60
This ad below is from 1960 accessories catalog.
Harley Topper Pedal Pad
Topper Brake Pedal pad.
This brake pad sold for $.50 in 1960
42414-60 This brake pad was advertised in 1962 for .......... $.60
Topper peddle pad dealers cost in 1962
was $.30
The ad read like this in 1960.

Made of heavy gray rubber to match
foot boards. Keeps your foot from
slipping off the brake pedal.
Just slip it on to install.
42414-60 Pedal Pad .......$.50




Harley Topper Speedometer Light kit 67290-60
Speedometer Light
Check your speed at night
with this easy-to-install
speedometer light. Accessory ad from 1962
67290-60 ............. $1.70
Speedometer light kit dealers cost
in 1962 was $.80 suggested retail was: $1.70


Early Air Filter.
1961 accessory ad.

This ad is from 1961 accessory catalog.
Air Filter Kit.
This special mesh-type air filter fits snugly into
the air-intake chamber. Filters out dirt and dust
for better performance...longer engine life.
29035-61 .................$.80


Later Air Filter.
Harley Topper air filter 2913300-61  and 29035-61
F.......Air Filter
This special polyurethane air filter fits
snugly into the air-intake chamber. Filters
out dirt and dust for better performance.
longer engine life. This ad is from 1962
Topper H air Filter .......... $.80
Standard Topper Filter ........ $.80


Harley Topper Chain

Harley-Davidson's super strength drive chains are made to take
it. Go for miles and miles with fewer adjustments .......less
chain wear ....less sprocket wear. We have a complete stock
of front and rear chains. This ad is from 1962
Topper ............................................... Rear $8.90




Below is the 1960 ad.
Harley Topper Footrests
Below is the 1962 ad.
Harley Topper Footrests 50904-60
E. ........ Topper Footrests
Let your passenger sit back and relax
in solid comfort. Sturdy --they mount right
on the frame. Install a set today. This ad is from 1962
50904-60 Footrests. Pair................$9.00
Footrests sold in 1960 for: $8.60 a pair.
Topper footrests sold for: $10.75 installed
dealers cost:$6.25 in 1962




Harley Topper Chrome cap kit 43893-60
C. .......... Chrome Cap Kit
Customize your Topper with Chrome
Nut Caps. Set of four fits over front end
nuts. This ad is from 1962
43893-60 Cap Kit ................$3.75
Chrome cap kit dealers cost in 1962 $1.80




Harley Topper accessory rear view mirror 91873-47
A. ..... Rear View Mirrors
Large 4-inch diameter mirrors give you a clear view behind.
Mounted on 7-inch arm with adjustable ball and socket head.
Chrome mirror has fittings for Topper. This ad is from 1964
91885-59A Clamp ........................................... .60
91873-47 Chrome Mirror ............................ $4.25
91887-48 Eyebolt ............................................ .60
91890-48 Collar Clamp ................................... .45
Note: Mirrors mounted on handle bars,windshield or later
models mounted mirrors on the front main shield by drilling a hole
on both left and right sides and eliminating the clamp and bolting from the inside of
the main shield. Not uncommon to just have one mirror.

Mirrors are an accessory.

From 1960 upward you could buy two types of mirrors.
1. Economy chrome mirror: no. 91870-59 retail $2.95 dealers cost: $1.95
2. Regular chrome mirror: no. 91873-47 retail: $4.25 dealers cost: $2.95
Data examples from dealers price list from 1962.




Windshield Bag listed in supplementary equipment
flier sent to dealers for the Topper.

58275-54 Black windshield bag, sold retail:$7.50 dealer cost $4.95
58275-6- White windshield bag, sold retail:$6.30 dealer cost $4.20
Prices and data are from 1962 sent to dealers as supplementary equipment.

Advertisement blocks read like this.
Windshield bag. Keeps things handy,up front!
Attractively styled in top grain leather.
Fastens easily to windshield. 58275-54..$7.25
Click to view old Windshield Bag Ad.
This bag has been around since 1954.


Guess what the Nick Name is for the Harley Topper Mufflers Did you get it right? Did you get it right?

1. Topper Muffler sold for this amount in 1965...................$12.95
2. Topper Muffler sold for this amount in 1965 ..................$16.95
Both mufflers could have been purchased either black or chrome at the time.




1962 Harley Topper Carry-All accessory ad.

Topper Carry-All dealers cost in 1962 was:$17.75

Below is from 1961 ad.

harley topper carryall ad 1961




Accessory ad from 1962 for the Harley Topper
Luggage Carrier. Notice the Price in 1962.
Part number: 53405-62




You could have purchased Harley Topper replacement
windshield parts in 1965 at these prices.

58019-60 Topper Top window.............. $6.70
58018-60 Bottom Window ......$3.19
57991-60 complete windshield
Harley Topper Windshield no. 57991-60 sold retail for $16.50 dealers
cost:$11.00 in 1962.

Making your own windshield?
Instead of using plexi-glass which is extremely dangerous when
broken, consider using the following materials.

A product called Tuffak, used in the construction of plane landing light covers,
also it does not crack when cut with jigsaw, use tin snips to cut the material.
Resists scratching, much safer then plexi, bends when hit instead of
shattering or cracking, plexi is like glass when broken.
A couple other products: Hyzoid (sp) or Lexan.
Makes great sidecar and Topper windshields.
If you want to have the bead around the windshield, use a clear
vinyl tubing and split it with a knife on one side, then slide it over the edge of
your windshield.
Also you can contact a plastic dealer for an extruded tube for windshield edge.
Remember if you want that 100 point Topper you need to use an original.




Notice the wire basket in the center console, the bumper badge
also the windshield.

Harley Topper girl on scooter with accessory basket and rear bumper badge






Did you know H.D. used  Dynetrics to spin and balance their own siren flywheels. a machine made by Gisholt. Harley-Davidson installed one in 1961